COVID-19 Update

Heartelle has been monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic over the last few weeks and our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by this worldwide emergency. Know that we are here to support you, your business, and our industry.
What is Heartelle doing to protect me from COVID-19?
For your protection orders will not be delivered in under 5 days. 
COVID-19 has been proven to be unable to survive on surfaces after 5 days or less depending on the material of the surface. 
During these trying times there is a lot of inaccurate information circulating the World Health Organization (WHO) has compiled a list of common myths link below.
Most of our products are made in China. Products made in China are 100% safe.
After 5 days it is not possible for COVID-19 to survive outside the human body.
It is not possible to contract COVID-19 from any of our packages.
We do our best to keep each country stocked so orders ship from the same country they are ordered from. Due to fluctuating inventory levels this is not always possible.
We will continue to monitor the situation and keep our customers informed.
As of 5/6/20 there have been some instances of packages arriving approx one to two weeks later than expected. We ask that you please be patient during these difficult times.
Please shop with confidence that your order will not be largely affected by COVID-19 pandemic.